Extraordinary Cured D.O.P. Manchego Cheese with Raw Milk

Manchego Cheese Raw Milk

Our Cured D.O.P. Manchego Cheese with Raw Milk taste is mild and nutty. It is wonderfully flavoursome with a butter edged nuttiness that is sublime. The texture is pleasingly crumbly and the taste lingers on the finish.You have to try it!

Manchego cheese is one of the most popular cheese in Spain. Its name comes from the specific breed of sheep, manchega. Our cheesemaker has their own herd of more than 8,000 sheeps. Their ancestors, a family of shepherds, have passed down their knowledge from generation to generation, and this is the 4th generation!

Available Semi Cured, Cured and Old D.O.P. Manchego Cheese with Raw Milk.

Whole cheese of 1 kg and 3.2 kg approximately. Wedges of 250 gr.

Other flavors: Sheep milk cheese with rosemary, Sheep milk cheese with paprika, Sheep milk cheese with red wine, Sheep milk cheese with rosemary over the rind.

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