Authentic Smoked Paprika from La Vera


The pepper for paprika was introduced to Spain from the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1.493, leading them to the monastery of Yuste in the region of La Vera.  Extremadura has the perfect weather conditions to grow the red peppers.

Our producer has maintained and kept the old traditions of smoked paprika production to ensure high quality.

From hand picking the peppers to the slow drying process with oakwood fire, this attention to small detail gives the paprika that special aroma and color to make it unique in the world market.

These great qualities have led to being a Protected Designation of Origin product.

Available Sweet, Hot and Bittersweet Smoked Paprika from La Vera.

Formats: 1.000 gr. bag, 500 gr. bag, 250 gr. bag, 100 gr. bag, 750 gr. tin, 150 gr. tin and 75 gr. tin.

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